Réseau Cocagne : the network of Cocagne’s Gardens

Réseau Cocagne : the network of Cocagne’s Gardens

Crédits photo : Christophe Goussard

Réseau Cocagne is a nationally scaled Social Enterprise addressing the needs for employment of excluded people thanks to a network of market gardens – the Jardins de Cocagne (Cocagne’s Gardens) – that produce organic vegetables distributed to local customers.

The concept of Jardin de Cocagne was developed from both the use of short distribution circuits and the desire to integrate people back into the workplace. This innovative model trains the most excluded out of long-term unemployment to produce high-value, organic agricultural products. These local associations market their packaged products to conscientious consumers, who in turn commit to buying their products every week.

Key data

135 members organizations, including 120 Cocagne’s Gardens in activity, 10 in project
4000 employees under integration contract
22000 families of consumers-members
25000 baskets per week
60 to 100 different vegetables, 50 weeks a year
360 hectares of organic cultures spread all over the French territory

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