Our local, organic and supportive commitments

Our local, organic and supportive commitments

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Organic, our commitment

Jardins de Cocagne grow organic vegetables and follow the specifications of organic farming. They are certified by an authorized organization (ECOCERT… ). This mode of production bans the use of synthetic chemicals and guarantees high-quality and healthy vegetables. It also preserves water, soil and ecosystems. Every week, the consumer can find in his basket an assortment of five or six fresh and seasonal vegetables, manually harvested at maturity in order to preserve their taste and nutritional qualities. Forty varieties of vegetables can be savored this way during a year.

Local above all

Promoting the commercialization of organic vegetables by short distribution circuits is one of the commitments of Cocagne’s Garden. The major part of the vegetables grown by the Gardens is directly and locally sold to a network of consumers who are also members (also named consumers-members or consum’actors) through weekly baskets. These members get their basket directly at the Gardens or can pick it up at one of the deposit spot close to their home. This form of commercialization also limits impacts on environment and contributes to local economy. By joining Cocagne’s Gardens, members affirm their desire for a local and healthy consumption, and commit to the social project of Cocagne’s Gardens.

Solidarity, our daily fight

« Fighting against exclusion and insecurity by mobilizing the conditions of a return to sustainable employment, among women and men meeting social and professional difficulties, helped by a satisfactory employment activity. » Extract from the Charter of Cocagne’s Gardens.

Cocagne’s Gardens are associative organizations in the field of insertion through economic activity, and linked to public employment policies. They have the mission of enabling people facing social and professional difficulties to find a job and to construct both a personal and professional project. These excluded people have the benefit of an employment contract and thus a salary and social status.